LED Pharmacy signs

outdoor led cross display sign P16 for pharmacy dual color

Item No.: D1 - double color P16 800X800
Frame Material:steel or Aluminum
Control color:green
Display Function:Graphics

outdoor led cross display sign P16 for pharmacy dual color

outdoor led panel
easy to install and operate
Wireless PC Programmable by Cross Edit Software

Our company is focused LED pharmacy Cross and LED display, more than 30 kinds and Some products in stock.

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.high brightness
.easy to install and operate
.Wireless PC Programmable by Cross Edit Software

1.LED Pharmacy Cross Display Features

    Our LED Pharmacy Display integrated with Optics, Electron, Mechanism, and Computer technology. Using novelty and special LED display method, based on the principle of energy efficient,Fully utilize the display efficiency of single color LED. The biggest feature of our LED pharmacy display is utilizing cross display area,using single color and double color mixed way to show dynamic, word, time, date and temperature, to reach amazing display effect.

Main performance and features of our LED Pharmacy Cross Display:

  • Adopt novel LED display technology, display plane dynamic image in cross area.

  • Image display device integrated with Optics, Electron, Mechanism, computer and wireless communication technology.

  • Adopt video grade double color LED, display images steadily, colorful and clearly

  • Display real-time content. Customer can deal with dynamic file on computer with the special software offered by us. Then send it to LED Pharmacy cross to show via wire or wireless communication way.

2. LED Pharmacy Cross Display Working Process

Dynamic display content will be deal with by special software on computer, then will be send to LED Pharmacy Display via wire or wireless communication way. When LED Pharmacy Display work,It will show static or dynamic content from computer. Our LED Pharmacy can display static state picture, word, time, date, temperature, and also many kinds of enrichment and lively dynamic picture.

3. Technical Parameter

1) Outdoor waterproof LED pharmacy cross display sign.

2) Pixel Pitch:10mm,12mm,14mm,16mm,20mm,25mm

3) Dimension: 530×530mm,626×626mm,690×690mm,722×722mm,818×818mm,


4) Frame Material: steel or Aluminum.

5) Display Color: single color, dual color, full color

6) Display Content: Animation,Graphics,Word,Time,Temperature

7) Languages: Software support in English, French, Spanish ,Greece and Italian.

8) Display Pixels: Each side 1280pixels, Double face, Total 2560 pixels

    Or each side 3072pixels, Double face, Total 6144 pixels

9) Viewing Angle: H120/ V45

10) Brightness:3500-5500nits

11) Communication: RF Wireless or RS232, RF Wireless MAX communication distance 800m.

12) Working voltage: AC 176—264V/47-63HZ

13)Working environment: Temperature -20°C - 70°C, Humidity 95 %

14)Life span: ≥50000hrs

15)Transportation caution: Anti-humidity,Anti-shake

Any sizes of LED pharmacy cross display available

LED pharmacy cross display  pictures :

certificates  for outdoor led display p16