LED Pharmacy signs

3d led pharmacy cross display tricolor Outdoor p16 double sides

Item No.: E5
Control color:Full Color
Display Function:Video

3d led pharmacy cross display tricolor Outdoor p16 

1.Two years warranty
2.RF wireless commiuncation
3.Supply many languages
4.Church outdoor signs

double side full color led display sign


Usage: LED pharmacy cross is a very effective visual message display for hospital, pharmacy, medicine store and other applications, fundamental to be always present and to signal one's own presence to the customers and the whole city. Being visible even from great distance and provide an effective communication through the alphanumerical, and / or graphic display is indispensable for a modern pharmacy.Pharmacy cross is a lot more of a bright sign: Is a system that allows to communicate with the potential customers and the all ship, an installation that confirms further the professionalism of a pharmacy and moreover is an informative tool that gives back an important service to the community.Cross operator controls it by infrared remote, also you can update the content into the cross sign by computer.



Pixel pitch:16mm

Working temperature:-20° C ~ +50°C

Function:Edit program,play,communication


Multi language:English/Spanish/Italy/Portugal/French/Chinese...

Max number of animation:1000

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We have different size cross sign, it is depends on your needs.